Donnerstag, 11. Mai 2017

Must Haves Basics

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I think every one of us has personal must-haves in the wardrobe, which are individual for us. You´ll get to know mine today.

1) Blazer
A classic black blazer is in my wardrobe - forever. Since I like to wear blazers very much, I have them in different colors and cuts.
2) Blouses
Whether white, black or any other color. With a blouse you always look very chic. (Ok, honestly, I wanted to wear a white blouse for the look, but I have to loose more weight, urgh)
3) Jeans
Jeans can be (almost) always worn. It is important that the jeans fit well.
4) Classic pumps
I only have two pair of classic pumps. One in black and one in taupe. Both I like to wear and they are timeless for me. Nude is also for me a classic color, but a pair in this color I´m still missing.
5) Accessories
Because of an allergy, I can rarely wear jewelry. Whether statement or in filigree design, that is personal taste. A bag belongs to me in every wardrobe. I choose my bags with care, so I have as many timeless colors and models as possible. Accessories complete an outfit.

What are your Must Haves? What do you have to buy?

Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

#Insta Lately

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Bag Celine // Sandals - Deichmann //  Dior Poison // 
Lipstick - L´Oréal // Nailpolish - Jade Maybelline 

 Sunnies: New Yorker // New Yorker // Primark current // Tedi old

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Bag old - Bon Prix // Sandals old - Just Fab // Watch current - New Yorker // 
Nailpolish - Jade Maybelline // Necklace old - Primark  

Sunnies - New Yorker // favorite lipstick - L´Oréal // Nailpolish - Jade Maybelline

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Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017

Beauty L´Oréal Matte Addiction Lipsticks

Werbung / Die Produkte stammen alle aus einem Gewinnspiel und ich gebe nur meine Meinung wieder
Advertising / The products are all from a winning game  and I only give my opinion

Beim Gewinnspiel von lesfactoryfemmes habe ich diese tollen Lippenstifte von
Loreal gewonnen. Die Lippenstifte sind aus der neuen #matteaddiction Serie und in 12 Farben erhältlich. In meiner Box waren acht Lippenstifte. Die Lippenstifte sind absolut matt und pflegend. Je nach Farbton halten sie zwischen 4 und 6 Stunden ohne erneutes Auftragen.

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