Samstag, 22. April 2017

10 Fashion Facts About Me

1. I have only two pairs of sneakers, but lots of high shoes. And I do not have flip flops. But for this year, there are Adidas slides on my shopping list.

2. I love woolen coats and blazers! I do not have a leather jacket or a jeans jacket.

3. I do not wear tennis socks, but only thin and colorful socks. Yes, very girlish.

4. For trends, I am the absolute cheater. Unfortunately I miss these parts mostly then and then try my luck on eBay. Somehow, all the pieces also appear someday.

5. From the big clothes hoarder, I now become a minimalist and miss all my stuff. I would like to have more choice.

6. I love pants (especially jeans) and currently have only two skirts, which I almost never wear.

7. Because of an allergy I can unfortunately wear no jewelry. And if I carry some in the pictures, I have to take it off after 5 minutes.

8. Color makes me afraid and I therefore always buy only covered and inconspicuous colors. Although I like colors totally. I dare not wear it.

9. I always have problems finding a pair of sunglasses with my narrow face. If I find one, it is bought immediately.

10. My wardrobe is always super tidy. Everything is sorted by category and by color.

Freitag, 14. April 2017

Classic Colors

Lately, I've been wondering if a blogger really needs to join EVERY trend to be successful? Does it really have to be every piece of a designer? Of course, with every designer piece, the traffic increases and more named brands want to work with you.
On the other hand, blogs without designers have little traffic. However, if a cheap look alike is in the game, the traffic increases again. Various onlineshops are specialized in look alikes for little money. I am very happy about that fact because I do not want to spend so much money on a design piece, if there is also a look alike that fulfills the same purpose.

It is important to consider your own style and consider whether the trend fits to you or not.
I would definitely not want to buy all the designers and trends I see at Instagram every day just to get more clicks. Because in the end my blog is no longer in demand and I spent a lot of money for free.

In this case: A big hello to Zara, H&M, SHEIN, Deichmann, Mango & Co.
(To be honest with you: I love it so much to look at other Bloggers designer pieces, because I adore them. And the outfits - in my eyes - are perfect. Then I´m really hard jealous.)

What is your opinion on this topic? Is every trend a must-have?

Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

Timeless Classics

Lately, I have often the idea (and the assumption) that personality contributes to the success of a blog in long term. There are two ways to integrate your personality into the blog.

Once with texts, f.e. the blogger writes about himself/herself or how he/she thinks about topics. The writing style is also the feature of this blogger. Here are several examples: Michele has not only very powerful images (which I always admire her), but also very loose lyrics. Chrissie writes easily and lightly, as if the words were bubbling out of her mouth. At Marina, I always like to watch the videos, because she has a sweet and cool way. Anni looks like a good friend and shares things from her life, like house building. Rena has a great writing style and I like to read her posts madly.

Then there are the bloggers, who stand out in their pictures with a lot of presence (and in my eyes have a great style). Anni is here my most famous example, followed by Aylin, whose style I simply love, because she wear very cool styles. I always look at the pictures of Fiona, because they are in full attention to detail. Gitta also always wear great looks.

This list I could still continue endlessly. I rarely dare to show anything from me, I usually have the same poses in the pictures (because I do not get out of myself - a little shy) and stay with my looks always the same style (comfort zone?). Even if I would like something else to try. Therefore I would like to try to show more of me.

What makes a blog interesting for you?
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