Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

Blue Embroidery



No more beauty sins

After I recently wrote about fashion sins and how they no longer happen to you, today´s post is about beauty sins and I think that everyone had already beauty sins.

1) Make-up
The wrong tone for the skin color? Mascara smeared? The wrong lipstick? We had it certainly in the past. At Douglas, you can get advice and often a free make-up is offered.

2) Hair
How often do you see people with unhealthy hair? Broken hair tips or split ends? Grown out haircolors are not bad at all, if the hair is otherwise well-groomed. Therefore, rather regularly (for me it is every three months) go to the hairdresser and cut the tips. Unless woman is wearing a short haircut, you have to go more often. My advice is to use products of a series, because they are coordinated with one another.

3) Pedicure / Manicure
Another tricky topic, because in the summer the horror can be seen on many feet. Nails, as long as claws, cornea, etc. A manicure and pedicure can be done very easily at home, but it requires a bit of practice.
Or even the splintered nail polish. Therefore, I always take the bottle with the current color and can so quickly improve.

A small make-up bag with essentials, such as dental floss, q-tips, pocket mirror and a brush I always have with me. As well as a cover pen, powder and the current lipstick.

What beauty sins have happened to you? And which do you know?

Samstag, 15. Juli 2017

What is fashion for you?


„Mode sollte widerspiegeln, wer du bist, was du fühlst, und wo du hingehst.“ -Pharell Williams

"Fashion should reflect who you are, what you feel, and where you go." -Pharell Williams 

Freitag, 7. Juli 2017

Black X White X Petrol

rosegal off shoulder blouse amisu pleatet skirt

outfit rosegal off shoulder blouse amisu midi skirt black

Does blogs have success through pictures or texts?

This question I asked myself recently, but I could not find an answer.
There are blogs that are successful through their incredible pictures, such as for example, Blair Eadie and Leonie Hanne. The texts of Chrissie and Rena can be read very easy and smooth.

Is the text on a particular topic important?
Are the pictures important?
Or is both important?

I never write long texts and keep myself very short because I have no talent for writing.

What need a good blog for you to have?

Montag, 3. Juli 2017

Micro Bag / Blue Dress

The looks of others can inspire our style and look. We get ideas and inspiration. Sometimes we see combinations of colors and patterns that we would not have come to. We develop our personal style, discover new tastes and choose something for ourselves.
I admire the looks of Aylin, Eli and Andreea. They look great in my eyes and give me inspiration for my own outfits. For me, they are my personal fashion role models.
There are also plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

Do you have fashion role models? Where do you get inspiration for your looks?

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