Freitag, 14. April 2017

Classic Colors

Lately, I've been wondering if a blogger really needs to join EVERY trend to be successful? Does it really have to be every piece of a designer? Of course, with every designer piece, the traffic increases and more named brands want to work with you.
On the other hand, blogs without designers have little traffic. However, if a cheap look alike is in the game, the traffic increases again. Various onlineshops are specialized in look alikes for little money. I am very happy about that fact because I do not want to spend so much money on a design piece, if there is also a look alike that fulfills the same purpose.

It is important to consider your own style and consider whether the trend fits to you or not.
I would definitely not want to buy all the designers and trends I see at Instagram every day just to get more clicks. Because in the end my blog is no longer in demand and I spent a lot of money for free.

In this case: A big hello to Zara, H&M, SHEIN, Deichmann, Mango & Co.
(To be honest with you: I love it so much to look at other Bloggers designer pieces, because I adore them. And the outfits - in my eyes - are perfect. Then I´m really hard jealous.)

What is your opinion on this topic? Is every trend a must-have?

Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

Timeless Classics

Lately, I have often the idea (and the assumption) that personality contributes to the success of a blog in long term. There are two ways to integrate your personality into the blog.

Once with texts, f.e. the blogger writes about himself/herself or how he/she thinks about topics. The writing style is also the feature of this blogger. Here are several examples: Michele has not only very powerful images (which I always admire her), but also very loose lyrics. Chrissie writes easily and lightly, as if the words were bubbling out of her mouth. At Marina, I always like to watch the videos, because she has a sweet and cool way. Anni looks like a good friend and shares things from her life, like house building. Rena has a great writing style and I like to read her posts madly.

Then there are the bloggers, who stand out in their pictures with a lot of presence (and in my eyes have a great style). Anni is here my most famous example, followed by Aylin, whose style I simply love, because she wear very cool styles. I always look at the pictures of Fiona, because they are in full attention to detail. Gitta also always wear great looks.

This list I could still continue endlessly. I rarely dare to show anything from me, I usually have the same poses in the pictures (because I do not get out of myself - a little shy) and stay with my looks always the same style (comfort zone?). Even if I would like something else to try. Therefore I would like to try to show more of me.

What makes a blog interesting for you?
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