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We clearly have too many ways to consume. We are also very much available. As an example, I use Primark. The run to the shops was enormous a few years ago, because there were very few shops in Germany. The bill went up: lots of clothes for little money. And even today, this shop is very booming. After all, we do not have so much money at all, but we want to buy a lot for our little money.
It's almost the same in Make Up. Always offers and discounts. We also buy things that we do not really need, but want to have. Because they all have them? Because we've seen them in magazines or with friends?

Ultimately, consumption is nothing but a bought feeling. We are told that we need certain products, although it is not.

Blogs here seduce to consumption. For me it worked for weeks. I saw something on a blog and wanted to have it. Although I have not used it. The whole cooperations with the free clothes. I do not need that, because I have enough in the closet. And all the time I wanted more and more and recognized it too late.

We do not need the many things to belong to. We need a healthy self-awareness in order to be able to do without unnecessary things.

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Bloggen macht mir in letzter Zeit keinen Spaß mehr. Anfangs als Hobby gestartet, ist er jetzt mittlerweile eine Hauptbeschäftigung geworden. Alles ist mir zu viel. 
Die ständigen Kooperationen haben zwar ihre Vorteile, aber die Arbeit dahinter kostet sehr viel Zeit und auch oft ist die Kommunikation schlecht und der Druck für pünktliche Posts enorm hoch. Ich wollte immer mehr und mein Konsum wurde dadurch gesteigert. Leider sieht mein Blog mittlerweile aus wie eine Werbefläche und ich werde zwar die aktuellen Anfragen noch bearbeiten, aber in Zukunft keine weiteren Kooperationen mehr eingehen. 

Mein Gesamtbild stimmt nicht mehr und ich habe auf den Druck auch keine Lust mehr. In Zukunft werde ich mich nur noch auf Outfits und Beauty beschränken, ab und an gibt es mal eine Shopping Selection mit den aktuellen Trends. Ständig Texte abzuliefern fällt mir schwer, schließlich muss man ja auch Themen finden, die für die Leser interessant sind.

Auf die einzelnen Themen werde ich in den nächsten Posts nochmal eingehen, aber es wird  sich auf dem Blog auch einiges ändern. Mein Blog soll wieder mir gehören und einen roten Faden haben. Ich will nicht der Sklave der Firmen sein. 

Blogging does not make me any more fun to me lately. Initially started as a hobby, it has now become a major occupation. Everything is too much for me.
The constant co-operation has its advantages, but the work behind it costs a lot of time and also the communication is sometimes really bad and the pressure for punctual posts is enormously high. I wanted more and more and my consumption was thereby increased. Unfortunately, my blog now looks like an advertising space and I will still edit the current requests, but in the future no further cooperations are seen here.

My main picture is no longer correct and I do not feel like it. In the future, I will limit myself only to outfits and beauty, from time to time there is a shopping selection with the current trends. It is hard for me to deliver texts on a regular basis. After all, you must also find topics that are of interest to the readers.

On the individual topics I will go again in the next posts, but it will be there changes on the blog also a lot. My blog is supposed to belong to me again and have a red thread. I do not want to be the slave of the companies.

Freitag, 11. August 2017

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The perfect wardrobe in three steps

While you have recently been giving by me some tips on how to be perfectly styled in three steps, today I would like to go a step further and tell you how to get the perfect wardrobe in three easy steps - and permanently keep it.

Step 1:
First of all, you should thoroughly muck out your wardrobe and make an inventory. This shows you first what you own and what you do not like. This way you can easily organize your wardrobe.
To this I recommend you the post from Verena. She described very detailed, how to clean out the wardrobe.

Step 2:
Once you've organized your wardrobe, keep it. This makes it easier for you to select your outfits and have everything on one point in your eyes.

Step 3:
Even if this tip sounds funny first: create a wishlist with the things that you need. So you avoid spontaneous purchases and only buy the things you need. With a good wishlist, you can optimize your wardrobe.

What tips do you have to organize your wardrobe?

Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Easy Summer Style





How you are always perfectly styled in three steps

Who does not know these girls? The always perfectly styled girls on their blogs or Instagram. How do they do that? But it is very simple and today you will learn how you are perfectly easily styled in three steps.

Step 1:
And I say this again and again: take care of your clothes! Look for good laundry detergent and iron your things carefully. Nothing looks more unkempt than pilling and folding lines. The same applies to shoes. A great outfit, but dirty or broken shoes? A no-go.

Step 2:
A great make-up does not have to last long and you do not need a lot of cosmetics. Ursula from the blog give her glitter impresses in her make-up tutorials that a make-up can be mastered within minutes.

Step 3:
You're standing in front of your wardrobe in the morning and you don´t know what to wear? Think in the evening about two alternative outfits. So you also save a lot of time in the morning.

Recently, I wrote about the fact that fashion does not have to be expensive. In this post you will learn more about how you can shop cheaply, but can look expensive!

What are your tipps to be styled perfectly?

Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

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No more beauty sins

After I recently wrote about fashion sins and how they no longer happen to you, today´s post is about beauty sins and I think that everyone had already beauty sins.

1) Make-up
The wrong tone for the skin color? Mascara smeared? The wrong lipstick? We had it certainly in the past. At Douglas, you can get advice and often a free make-up is offered.

2) Hair
How often do you see people with unhealthy hair? Broken hair tips or split ends? Grown out haircolors are not bad at all, if the hair is otherwise well-groomed. Therefore, rather regularly (for me it is every three months) go to the hairdresser and cut the tips. Unless woman is wearing a short haircut, you have to go more often. My advice is to use products of a series, because they are coordinated with one another.

3) Pedicure / Manicure
Another tricky topic, because in the summer the horror can be seen on many feet. Nails, as long as claws, cornea, etc. A manicure and pedicure can be done very easily at home, but it requires a bit of practice.
Or even the splintered nail polish. Therefore, I always take the bottle with the current color and can so quickly improve.

A small make-up bag with essentials, such as dental floss, q-tips, pocket mirror and a brush I always have with me. As well as a cover pen, powder and the current lipstick.

What beauty sins have happened to you? And which do you know?

Samstag, 15. Juli 2017

What is fashion for you?






„Mode sollte widerspiegeln, wer du bist, was du fühlst, und wo du hingehst.“ -Pharell Williams

"Fashion should reflect who you are, what you feel, and where you go." -Pharell Williams 
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